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We have literally cleaned thousands of oriental and area rugs over the years. Don’t trust your rug cleaning to just any company.  Call the professionals that have the knowledge and expertise to clean area rugs the proper way.

All of the rugs we clean are synthetic or natural fibers. Synthetic fibers are easier to clean. Normally we can use more aggresive spot cleaning products on them.

Natural fibers, like wool rugs, are normally thicker.  They tend to absorb moisture more than synthetic rugs will. We do have a “wool safe” cleaning solution The Natural For Wool.  It is slightly acidic to do a better job of cleaning. The Woolsafe Organization of New Zealand recommends a cleaning solution that is mildly acidic.

We can also apply a protectant to the rug after cleaning.  Protectant allows you time to clean up spills before they become permanent stains.

We can also do some repairs to rugs.  We can look at the repair and give you our professional opinion about whether the rug should be repaired. Depending on the type of rug you have like an oriental rug.  Sometimes repairing an oriental rug may actually devalue the rug. Before we clean or take the rugs with us we like to do an inspection of the rug.  That way we can annotate any issues or concerns on the invoice.

Don’t Use Any Rug Cleaner

We also specialize in urine odor and stain removal from area rugs.  If that is a concern for you we have a couple different things we can use to save your area rugs. We are truly the premier area rug cleaning specialists.  There have been several cases where we were able to restore a rug and save it from the trash.

One of the questions we asked is whether we clean the rug at home or take them with us.  If the rugs are on a hard wood floor and depending on the condition of the rug in most cases it is preferrable for us to take the oriental rugs back to our shop.  We strive for a four day turn around. That is dependent on the number of rugs we have to clean .

If the rugs need special cleaning or treatments that may increase the length of time we need to have the rug.  That is another reason it is best if we can take the rug with us – the extra time and attention we can take at the shop.

Call us for area rug cleaning services at 816-841-4776.  Why take the chance of ruining your rug by cleaning it at home?  We are a full service company.  We do rug cleaning, carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning. It makes more sense to have it done by the people that have the correct cleaning products and know how to do the job right!

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